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My latest techno song, 'Techno Robotic', has finally been recorded and released...and on my birthday, too! Feel free to drop me a line either by PM or on the song's page. Any and all criticism is appreciated! Peace and love, Newgrounds!

- Jake Alexis Steele

New song out...

2007-11-27 15:58:42 by JakeAlexisSteele

Hey there, everybody!

Jake Alexis Steele here with my latest song, Domo Yuri Gotto. It is my first full song in the techno genre. I'll be uploading it in a minute as soon as this is posted. There's two versions - one is the beat and one is the entire song with the beat and synth. Well, until next time, LATER!

- Jake Alexis Steele

New Song Coming Soon...

2007-10-30 21:53:09 by JakeAlexisSteele

Hey, Newgrounds friends!

Jake Alexis Steele again. I'm working on a new song called 'Techno Roboto'. The song will be made using Cubase. And seeing as you all didn't like my piano song, I will try to make this song worth downloading! 'This is a Dream' wasn't worked on very hard, thus - it sucked. Besides that, it was a live recording, so it sucked in that manner also...

'Techno Roboto' will be my first techno/dance submission on Newgrounds. Check back in a couple days and I should have it submitted by then.

Hello, NewGrounds!

2007-10-22 17:34:18 by JakeAlexisSteele

Hey, everybody!

Jake Steele here with some good news. I finally got my one of my songs uploaded to the site, so be sure to check it out soon (just submitted it five minutes ago)! It'll be a day or two, so be patient...well see you all later!