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2008-09-14 01:26:43 by JakeAlexisSteele

Yo, what Newgrounds fans?

Jake Alexis Steele here with some updates. I've been doing a lot of writing and improving my rapping skills. Therefore, I should be producing more raps up here at Newgrounds. Be sure to check out my site for updates, free downloads, and other stuff. I'm out of words, so I'll see you all later!

- Jake Alexis Steele


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2008-10-06 05:31:24

hey thx for having on your favorites list. well i have a new and im trying to get top five with for the week so go chk it out it is a collaboration between ng artist thx again n/177135


2008-10-06 05:32:20 n/177135 theres the correct link