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2008-07-29 19:06:36 by JakeAlexisSteele

Hey, Newgrounds fans!

I have some updates for you all. First off, my new website is up and running. If you want to check it out, click here. You can also access from my profile page. I go by a different name on the website - Ken Lunde - which is an alias I use nowadays.

Topic number two: Still working out a few things in my latest song before I record it, but I should have that all done and recorded by this weekend. I'm currently doing several other tasks that take up most of my time. Thankfully though, the school year's about to start, so that should slow things down a bit. Well, I have to get back to other things, so I will TRY to update you all when I get the chance. Peace out...

- Jake Alexis Steele


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